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Behind Every Great Man, There Has To Be A Great Russian Woman
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Russian Women |

[A Russian proverb and, more famously,] A line from an Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin song, beloved by modern women and fans of "The First Wives" Club? (one to rent for your wife in years to come!). But let?s take a look at some of the great Russian and Ukrainian women standing, not behind, but besides, foreign men, giving their all!

An Introduction to Online Dating...
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Online Dating |

Since the dawn of the internet more and more people have done their work and play on-line. Online dating sites, from J-Date and American Singles , to eHarmony , have sprung up all over the place. Thousands, perhaps millions of people, are members of these sites, and hundreds visit the sites regularly to find a date, a long-term partner; even a marriage partner, from amongst the sites members. Does online dating really work?

Russian Brides Invade America
By Russian Brides | Published 11/15/2005 | Russian Brides |

Russian mail order brides is a term used to refer to Russian women who seek foreign men with the purpose of long-term relationship or marriage. Questing for beautiful Russian mail order brides is not something that has emerged recently, it is a phenomenon that has existed all over the world for many years. It is estimated that in the last decade approximately 150,000 Russian women have emigrated to the United States alone with the purpose of marriage.

Why do so many American men turn to Russia for love?
By Russian Brides | Published 11/14/2005 | Dating Advice |

For many of the same reasons that Russian women search for a partner in the US , American men are driven to search for a Russian wife. Not only does America have a high divorce rate, but there are a proportionally high number of single men and women in the country. The marriage rate has also declined somewhat over the years. For American men who are interested in marriage, this outlook in the homeland is bleak. As American society values hard work and career success, it is increasingly difficult for the marriage-minded minority to find a suitable partner.

Why do Russian women search for a foreign husband?
By Russian Brides | Published 11/12/2005 | Russian Women |

Most people question the motives of women looking for marriage-minded men abroad. ?Are these women for real?? They ask. Or are they after money and an immigration status. Men wonder that so many beautiful, young women, with careers and educations, are still looking to start a family early on. It?s certainly a natural question: why are Russian women looking for a foreign husband? Surely, if they really have conservative values and want families, there are plenty of Russian men available who share, not only these values, but the cultural heritage as well. The reality is quite different...

Mail Order Brides: Are These Women Real?
By Russian Brides | Published 11/11/2005 | Mail Order Brides |

"Mail Order Brides" and, by extension, "Russian Brides", are negative terms. They are extremely loaded by the stereotype of poverty-stricken women who exploit men's sexual and emotional needs to obtain money or a green card to the United States . Numerous scams have been exposed that enforce the negativity; there were men who posted photographs of models and then asked their mail order clients for money. Other times, it has come to light that the women whose profiles appeared on mail-order sites were being sold off by their relatives. Sometimes, women genuinely posted to find a husband but were then manipulated by American men for sex.

Recent Articles
» Russian Dating Agencies and Brides
By Russian Brides | Published 10/11/2006 | Russian Dating |

How do Russian dating agencies work? There are three major types of agencies:

  1. Multi-region Russian dating services that market their service directly to Russian women
  2. Traditional, old-fashioned marriage agencies that usually operate in small local segment
  3. Russian dating networks that do little direct marketing, instead they integrate the work of local, traditional dating agencies and use their profiles as their own
» Dating Hot Russian and Sexy Ukraine Brides
By Russian Brides | Published 10/10/2006 | Russian Brides |

Hot Russian brides are girls from Eastern Europe ( Ukraine , Russia , etc) that seek men abroad for marriage and family. Foreign men who show interest in a Russian woman may do so for two main reasons:

  • Photo browsing - they see a Russian mail order bride as an interesting buzz keyword and a free online Russian brides photo gallery is certainly something worth browsing during the office hours.
  • Most of beautiful russian brides have strong family values and a serious attitude to a committed long-term relationship.

» Russian Brides Defined
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Russian Brides |

You've been through relationships. You've been in love. But you still haven 't found that special someone. Sound familiar? You' re not alone. With social conventions as broken as they are, it 's more difficult than every to meet potential spouses. It 's only a matter of time before those with computers and the internet search on the dating websites for mail order brides. Love could be a click away.

» Honeymooners: Where and How to Have the Time Of Your Life!
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Dating Advice |

Whether you prefer a beach or a bustling city, there are plenty of places you can go for a wonderful and unforgettably romantic experience as newlyweds... Find out more here.

The whole notion of honeymooning is changing, according to various researchers. Everyone knows the original notion: the honeymoon was a newly-wed couple?s chance to get to know each other and have a private, romantic time together before heading back to the reality of day-to-day work and responsibilities. Nowadays, with the demographics of married couples changing, the whole concept of the honeymoon is changing as well.

» There?s Nothing Like A Shot-Gun Wedding to Get Your Blood Riling...
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Dating Advice |

A shot-gun wedding in Las Vegas has its appeal ? it?s fast, it?s fun and it?s unforgettable! You can plan the occasion, signing up for a wedding package that can cover everything from the dress, tux, reception, flowers, and Elvis! You can even have a trip over Vegas in a helicopter. You can be entirely spontaneous and walk into a chapel.

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